Legacy Christian Church

What to expect

You've chosen to join us on a Sunday Morning, Welcome!

All Adult Worship Services are held every Sunday at 10am in the Worship Center which is a large steel and brick building. You will be greeted at the door by someone who will be pleased to see you and answer any questions you might have.
Services are contemporary in style and last around an hour. The dress is casual and the service is relaxed and informal. The music is upbeat led by a keyboard, drums and guitars. Come to this service equipped with a sense of humor. The sermons focus on ways to live out, in practical way, the life God intended for each of us. Between 100 and 150 adults generally attend.
You won't be pointed out as a visitor in our services or asked to do anything except tell us who you are with a Connection Card (if you want to). Oh, and to make you feel comfortable to fill out a connection card, we'll have a time for everyone to fill out a connection card. We want you to relax and enjoy the time of worship. You will be greeted by several people but your privacy will not be invaded. We just want you to feel welcome and be at ease. Before and after each service coffee, water, and tea are available. So be sure to grab a cup of coffee, relax, and experience God's presence.

What about kids?

Child care is available at Sunday morning worship services, including child care for infants thru toddlers in a nursery in the Worship Center. The nursery is just inside the front door of the Worship Center and to your right. There is a large sign to direct you and a child care worker will be there to check your child in. Our child care workers are all church members with great training and oversight by our Next Gen Pastor, Tyler Johnson.
We have excellent child care and special worship and activities in the Children's Ministry Center for children who are toddlers through 8th graders. The Children's Ministry Center is located in the original church building. You will see a glass door right off the parking lot. Enter here and someone will be there to direct you and sign your child in for the morning. The worship service for grades 1-5 includes worship, games, skits, Bible stories, snacks, and craft activities. We warn you that you child will love it and want to return the next Sunday. The youth (grades 6-8) meet in the fellowship hall in the Children's Ministry Center for a more in-depth learning and worship experience.

We can't wait to meet you.

Legacy is a contemporary, biblical church communicating God's Word in many creative and compelling ways. We're imperfect people striving to become more like God intends us to be, not just on Sundays, but in the way we live our lives every day.
Legacy is a place for new beginnings. We believe that no matter what you've done or where you've been, God's grace is available. Through His grace, healing can be found, addictions can be faced, forgiveness can be experienced, marriages can be restored, and lives can be changed.
Legacy is also a place where it's okay to not be okay. You don't have to fake perfection. You don't have to pretend you have it together if you don't. Just come as you are with your past, your pain, your challenges, and your junk. God promises to meet you where you are. We believe that God loves us just the way we are, but He won't leave us there. He is ready to begin a work of transformation in our lives.
This church is about acceptance, compassion, grace and relevance to everyday life. We have no hidden agenda, but just explore real life issues from a biblical perspective.
We invite you to learn more about Legacy and hope you'll visit us soon. We believe you'll feel welcome and at home and will discover why so many people call Legacy a place for new beginnings in their own lives.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 10:00 am